To ensure you get the most out of your new executive director, it’s worth checking you have created an actionable hiring plan. The benefits a great non-executive director can bring to your business is worth ensuring you spend the time to hire the right candidate.

So how can you make sure you hire the right non-exec director?

  1. Leadership Qualities – An exec director needs to lead a company and as a result should show their ability to work with people. Look for someone who demonstrates a genuine interest and desire to collaborate with others, yet is not afraid to lead groups and take charge.
  2. Use an NED Non-Executive Recruitment Firm – Hiring an exec is such an important moment in a business’s history, utilising the knowledge and expertise of an executive search firm is a wise idea. With experience in finding, interviewing and hiring for many positions, an exec search firm is often best placed to make the big calls.
  3. Plan for the Future – Thinking short-term will only lead to complications further down the line. When hiring an exec director, focus on the needs of the business over the years to come. What challenges may arise in 5-10 years time? Will this exec be able to handle these issues?

Tips for Hiring an NED

To hire a successful NED, it all starts by identifying clear aims of what you want an NED to do. How can they add value, what do you expect from them, and how can you help support and integrate them into the organisation. To achieve this, using a professional experienced NED recruiter at the front end, is often the most effective way to ensure this is done efficiently.

To add value to a current Board, it means understanding that current Board very well. This means identifying areas that need improving and understanding how a candidate can help direct the Board in a certain direction.

By identifying strategic challenges that are likely to impact the organisation in the next 3-5 years, you can begin to think about the type of person required to help the organisation through these challenges and start to identify the skillset required with an NED hire.

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