Edward Drummond & Co Is a Global Market Research and Talent Advisory Firm. Everything We Do Is Underpinned by One Simple Principle: Always Add Value.

We want to help. From helping our clients to understand their markets and thereby deliver growth and/or change, to supporting other Edward Drummond team members as they engage in these complex projects – we always take a conscientious and creative approach.

The business is led by Jaidee Spear, Mo Khan, Gavin Penn and Gareth Ward who have, over the last 10 years together, built an internationally respected research, recruitment and consultancy offering. After acquiring Edward Drummond & Co in June 2022, the team is busy implementing a range of strategic (and practical!) development plans. We continue to grow and to evolve and improve our service offering to clients.

How Can We Help You?

We work across sectors, for Law Firms, other Professional & Financial Services business, Private Equity and Strategic Corporates. The common thread running through our client base is a recognition that people make the difference, that they are part of evolving internal structures and complex external networks and that better understanding of the place of each individual within this ecosystem leads to better decision making and better outcomes.

Although our clients often have clear and specific objectives in mind from a research or recruitment project, we seek to address these in the context of their wider strategic plans in order to add additional value. We use the platform our activity creates on individual projects to generate information which adds value across multiple areas of interest to our clients. In doing so we help to bring together internal functions (be that HR, Resourcing, Business Development & Marketing or Executive Leadership) around the information which connects them and the shared strategy which that underpins.

Our Vision, Mission and Values.

Our mission is to be a trusted partner across our suite of services for our clients, and for them to see value in all we do. We focus on developing longstanding and deep relationships with our clients.

Integrity, authenticity and balance are central to our ethos. We are trusted with business-critical research and recruitment programmes where there may be multiple ways to interpret a thread of information or resource a strategic requirement. For that reason, we approach all our work with humility and a sincere desire to understand. We treat each project and person with care.

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