Find the men and women who will take your business to the next stage. Whatever that stage may be.

Non-Executive Search

Experience that counts

Working at Board level, we use our extensive experience to pinpoint the men and women whose insights, track record, skill sets, temperament, contacts and motivation will take your business to the next stage, whatever that stage may be.

Foresight. With insight

We specialize in finding Non-executive Directors with the right mix of skills. Exactly. People who have already been to where you want to go. Successfully. And personalities who will integrate with fellow directors. Effectively.

Problem solvers. Influencers. Innovators. Movers. Peacemakers. Leaders. Brave hearts. Teachers. Facilitators. When we go looking, we see things differently. We deliver unique people with proven strengths and people skills that you won’t find on a CV.


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We set our sights on finding the best candidates, talented individuals who tick all the boxes.

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Some people will make all the difference. We’ll help you find them.

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Expert research services tailored to the needs of the legal profession and high-profile blue chip companies. Including Due Diligence and Expert Witness.

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