Who We Are.

At the Intersection of Management Consultancy and Executive Search, We Are Experts in Senior Level Hiring and Situation Specific Market Research.

Edward Drummond & Co is a leading provider of consultancy and research services across human capital, business planning and strategic analysis, for international and high-quality domestic businesses. We are experts in retained executive and non-executive search, working closely with clients across Professional Services, Private Equity and Strategic Corporate.

Our specialist consulting practice for the legal sector enjoys an international reputation and profile, working with some of the world’s largest law firms, alongside leading City, national and regional practices. We have a particular niche in clarifying questions at the space where professional advisors interact with PE or Corporate Clients (e.g., Professional Advisor Selection and Panel Performance Analysis for Corporate Clients).

How Do We Help?

It’s no secret that a business is only as good as its people. The secret is knowing what makes a person good – strategically, commercially, culturally – when no two people are the same, however perfect they may seem on paper.

Our mission at Edward Drummond & Co is to take executive search beyond the obvious. To dig deeper and look further to find you proven performers recognised for their ability, foresight, leadership and growth potential, wherever in the world they may be.

Our integrated consultancy offering sets us apart from other executive recruitment firms. Our rigorous approach accesses data often not in the public domain, generating insight into the character, business record and reputation of potential candidates, to give you the edge in decision making.

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Truly talented people aren’t restricted by boundaries; they thrive in the international arena. As do we. When you ask us to find you the very best people, we won’t limit our search to your area, or even the country you operate in.

Our research led approach gives access to all major markets and candidate groups.

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Our Key People.

An Exceptional Team Built upon Expertise and Experience.

Team is at the heart of everything we do at Edward Drummond & Co. Bringing together different perspectives, skillsets and approaches allows us to deliver insightful and well-balanced research and to act on that in the delivery of complex recruitment programmes. We work hard for each other and for our clients. Every voice matters. Join us.

We are a commited team of high capability researchers and client leads who bring a range of language skills and cultural perspectives essential to our work around the world.

  • Jaidee Spear


    Jaidee is part of the leadership team at Edward Drummond & Co and manages the Operational requirements of the business alongside active fee earning.

  • Mo Khan


    Mo K is part of the leadership team at Edward Drummond & Co and Leads the Internal Research function at Edward Drummond & Co.

  • Gavin Penn


    Gavin is part of the leadership team at Edward Drummond & Co and works with clients across our full suite of Research and Recruitment initiatives.

  • Gareth Ward


    Gareth is part of the leadership team at Edward Drummond & Co and works with clients across our full suite of Research and Recruitment initiatives.

Join Us.

Join Our Team of Talented and Experienced Consultants.


Equality, Diversity and Inclusion at Edward Drummond & Co.

High calibre research, when delivered with Diversity & Inclusion objectives in mind, can be a great equaliser. Through our research we clarify the opportunities that exist for our clients, the value of more diverse teams in the context of their business objectives and the blockers which exist to delivering on these objectives (either in respect of market structure or their own internal approach/external reputation). We work with clients to understand what they want to achieve and the value of EDI within that, and from that solid foundation we help them to deliver positive change.

The team at Edward Drummond generate information to underpin the Diversity & Inclusion programmes of our clients (often via engaging in turn with their own client base on research programmes) – allowing them to identify, track, engage with and hire candidates who deliver on business objectives as part of a diverse, and therefore well-balanced, senior provision. We demonstrate the specific relationships and skill sets of all potential hiring prospects, using market intelligence to build the business case for those individuals you should hire because they best serve your business objectives rather than relying on an application process or traditional networks which often carry inherent bias. We talk to clients and other market participants to understand how they see this topic, supporting our clients in their Diversity & Inclusion mission (both internal and external) with underpinning data.

Our insight-led approach has particular benefit for EDI initiatives in Professional Services. Law, for example, a profession built upon principles of fairness and justice, has a unique role to play in demonstrating the shared equation of equality, advice and business success. How can one optimally deliver a truly balanced legal offering without the benefit of a Diverse team and the corresponding perspectives that can bring? At Edward Drummond & Co we are personally and professionally committed to supporting our clients in this mission.

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