Financial Investor & Private Equity.

Technology Executive Recruitment Specialists.

Informed, Intelligent and Integrated Search and Research Solutions. Working With Financial Investors of all types, including Private Equity Sponsors, in the assessment of markets, people, and service providers..

At Edward Drummond & Co we have extensive experience across a wide range of industries and sectors, which we bring to bear in assisting Sponsors in the assessment of opportunities – particularly in respect of understanding management teams, senior leaders and professional advisors. From assessing a pipeline of Chairperson prospects, to researching the structure, reputation and efficacy of an incumbent of a board of directors – we offer situation specific insight grounded in an eye for the bigger picture which enables us to give you a fully rounded service and support both your immediate and longer-term strategic plans.

We have deep experience in research focused on the financing, from studies regarding GP/LP relationships to those focused on the key capital market players. Recent years have seen us active in the secondaries market and in the rise of Direct Lending and the development of Credit Funds from traditional PE shops. In short, our research has touched on the cycle of Fund Finance and Formation (and related tax and regulatory issues), downstream transactional work and ongoing financing and add on work where we are then involved in the ‘sharp end’ assessment of organisations brought together in a portfolio.

Our Key People.

An Exceptional Team Built upon Expertise and Experience.

Team is at the heart of everything we do at Edward Drummond & Co. Bringing together different perspectives, skillsets and approaches allows us to deliver insightful and well-balanced research and to act on that in the delivery of complex recruitment programmes. We work hard for each other and for our clients. Every voice matters. Join us.

We are a commited team of high capability researchers and client leads who bring a range of language skills and cultural perspectives essential to our work around the world.