People Insight.

Who Is Out There and How Do You Compare?

Market research to clarify the structure of competitor organisations, their key people and rising stars, and assessing your own teams in comparison.

How do your own team members measure up from a technical and market perspective? One of the main challenges your business may face is knowing the spread of talent across the market and where and how your own talent pool may need to improve for you to compete more effectively.

At Edward Drummond our extensive, insight-driven market mapping will help you understand the structure of competitor organisations and the human capital within them; in terms of the senior talent pool and how specific individuals measure up to their competitors and peers.

How Do We Help?

We undertake a range of market mapping work designed to identify the most suitable individuals for a particular role/development initiative along with any push/pull factors which might inform our approach. These assignments range from straightforward ‘online data collation’ to detail focused research assignments involving telephone research including conversations with Clients and other market participants to uncover those individuals who carry not only the technical skill set and track record but also the market relationships and reputation to then join our client in the effective delivery of a shared business plan.

We undertake market sounding exercises to provide feedback in relation to perceptions of our clients, their teams and key individuals.

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