We set our sights on finding the best candidates, talented individuals who tick all the boxes.

Executive Search

Open minds. Open doors

We approach each assignment individually, starting with an in-depth understanding of the unique context of each search: the organization, products, services, market position and culture.

Bespoke solutions to unique challenges

We set high standards, specifications that correspond to the needs of each client, not the ease with which we think we can find the person that matches them. (Be assured. If they exist, we will track them down).

Well-connected, with more than 80 years of specialist executive search experience, we have strong relationships with industry and regulatory bodies. Our innovative methodologies and source-led research techniques keep our fingers on the pulse and our recommendations right up to date.

Finding the Right Executives

Edward Drummond leads the way in executive search and recruitment for organisations seeking the top talent from around the world. We support our clients right through the recruitment journey and ensure the right candidates help make big impacts in their new roles.

Our specialist advisors and consultants are focused on getting you the results you desire. We employ rigorous work ethic to help your organisation flourish under new executive hires. Our experience and connections have allowed us to successfully attract and develop extraordinary executives and senior managers into various organisations.

What Makes Us Different

We see executive search as a journey that starts with identifying a problem within an organisation and working to help find people to solve these problems. We are passionate about our support and advice once a hire has been made to help ensure your organisation sees the results it needs. Our dynamic approach is unrivalled in the industry as we develop lasting relationships with our clients and network of talented executives.

We have a whole department dedicated to consultancy and research, which allows us to go above and beyond our executive search aims. This industry leading research ensures we are helping you find the right candidates based on what is happening in your industry. This is a vital piece of the puzzle and is a big factor in how we have achieved so much success alongside our clients.

We combine the science and data with creativity and personable skills to help find the right candidate for your organisation. Our experience has allowed us to create an innovative system for executive search.

Let Us Show You Want We Can Do

Need help in finding an executive hire that will transform your business? Get in touch today and speak with a dedicated search consultant who will start you on your journey to better hires and better business growth.


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We set our sights on finding the best candidates, talented individuals who tick all the boxes.

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