Environment, Energy & ESG.

Environment, Energy Transition and ESG

The International nature of the energy market requires a global approach to research and recruitment. At Edward Drummond & Co, our environment and energy expertise combined with our market-leading research and executive search capabilities will give you access to the highest quality information and talent wherever in the world you need them.

Common to many of our clients is the need to innovate, either to meet the requirements of new technologies and markets, such as renewable energy, or in response to market forces within established sectors like oil, gas and water.

All businesses in this space must evolve and change to stay ahead of legislation, technology and market shifts. We help clients to recognise and navigate the complex issues and opportunities across the rapidly changing new frontiers of this market. We seek out the candidates with the skills and character to navigate the unique challenges.

We work closely with clients across Professional & Financial Services, PE and Strategic Corporate to understand the ESG impact of their business processes and strategies, highlight opportunities for remediation or change and investigate investment opportunities which enhance and promote their position.

Leadership Hires.

International Integrated Search Solutions.

Leadership through change and/or improvement is a key challenge for our clients, with a relatively limited number of high calibre candidates who will succeed as ‘difference makers’.

Edward Drummond & Co can find and hire these individuals by knowing where to look and then applying the right skills and good judgement to secure the best candidate. We also know when to be creative and look to other industries or practices.

We hire across all board-level roles, including chairmen, non-executive directors, CEOs, business leaders, CFOs, senior managers and specialists critical to your organisation .

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Renewable Energy Executive Search.

Renewables and Alternative Energy Recruitment Specialists.

Edward Drummond & Co has a long legacy of working within the renewable and alternative energy sectors spanning almost 20 years. Today, disparate alternative energy technologies have coalesced into one strategic concept – Renewables which within Edward Drummond & Co is one of our most exciting, innovative and fast-growing areas, driven by political, industrial and public acceptance of global warming, rising traditional energy costs and the challenge to reduce carbon emissions. In this context, it’s no surprise that our Renewables and Energy executive search team has seen an explosion in enquiries and workload.

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Our Environment, Energy & Renewables Experience.

The assets where our energy and environment clients are involved are international, critical in nature and often operationally or environmentally different from the norm. We have experience in supporting clients as they engage with:

  • Wind
  • Solar and Photo Voltaic
  • LNG infrastructure
  • Offshore oil and gas infrastructure
  • Upstream oil and gas operations
  • Nuclear
  • Water. Infrastructure programmes, clean water technologies, industrial water treatment
  • Automotive electrification & automation
  • Battery technology and energy storage
  • Built Environment
  • Green building technologies
  • Carbon capture

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Our Key People.

An Exceptional Team Built Upon Expertise and Experience.

Team is at the heart of everything we do at Edward Drummond & Co. Bringing together different perspectives, skillsets and approaches allows us to deliver insightful and well-balanced research and to act on that in the delivery of complex recruitment programmes. We work hard for each other and for our clients. Every voice matters. Join us.

We are a committed team of high capability researchers and client leads who bring a range of language skills and cultural perspectives essential to our work around the world.