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Due Diligence for Senior Hires.

We undertake independent market Due Diligence work relating to senior level individual/team hiring or promotion plans. We focus on understanding the business plan behind a given initiative and generating information within that context, both on the plan itself and the individuals who may deliver it.

In doing so we provide a range of information which allows for more effective integration, supports the delivery of the Business Plan and offers an independent perspective relating to the Market Position, Business Development Capability, Management Skills and Professional Characteristics/Attributes of a given subject.

We undertake this work across industry, with a particular focus on Professional & Financial services and Private Equity.

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With a process that prioritises confidentiality, we approach this work with care and balance. Our broader market research capability affords us both a wide base of market understanding and an appreciation for the importance of a robust research methodology to ensure objectivity and fairness. This is especially important as we work in support of our clients, and our own, EDI commitments.

Our sources include, Clients, Ex-Colleagues, Market Peers, third party referrers and other inhabitants of the relevant ecosystem – those who can provide us with a helpful perspective on any or all of the elements of our study.

For those clients where we undertake ongoing programmes of Due Diligence, we work to weave in broader thematic questions which feed into a wider integrated programme. This work closely links in to the comparative analysis work we undertake for clients; projects where there are only a small number of relevant heavyweight hiring prospects in the market and our role is to understand them in a level of forensic detail prior to approach – so that the order of a recruitment campaign is optimised to address possible candidates in order of strength/suitability.

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After 4 years, we thought the person we were looking for simply didn’t exist. It took only two months for Edward Drummond to prove us wrong.

Testimonial Quote Mark

Responsive, discreet and cost-effective, the information Edward Drummond has provided has been balanced, detailed and absolutely invaluable.

Testimonial Quote Mark

The market insight offered by Edward Drummond is excellent and offers more commercial intelligence than anything else we have received.

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