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Non-Executive Director Recruitment Specialists

Critical Friend, Objective Advisor, I Have Travelled this Road Before.

Finding the people with the strengths, approach and character to help your business flourish.

At Edward Drummond, we have extensive experience in identifying, approaching and introducing first-class candidates to companies looking for Non-Executive Directors. Working at board level, we will use our expertise to identify the people whose track records, skill sets, insights, temperament, contacts and motivation will take your business forward.

Our NED search clients include FT-SE 100 and international PLCs, law firms and accountants, AIM listed companies, privately owned and owner managed companies, and not-for-profit based organisations such as schools, universities, Housing Associations.

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How Do We Help?

Proactive, Insight-Driven Non-Executive Search.

Finding a Non-Executive Director may, on the face-of-it, seem a straightforward exercise. All too often the search for a non-executive director distils down to contacts of the consultant, firm or hiring director, or a name put forward by the likes of accountants, Private Equity and nominated advisers. NED vacancies also tend to attract a lot of interest despite increased regulations and board scrutiny.

Increasingly however, boards are becoming more strategic and considered when appointing new directors. More and more, our clients are choosing to define specific NED skill sets and backgrounds, in order to add significant value and experience to a board and provide insight as to future challenges and experiences. By extension, this clarity can also present a first or early NED position to a current serving executive.

At Edward Drummond, we combine a powerful network with an exhaustive first principle research process. Ideally starting with the board’s strategy, a skills gap analysis and a focused skills-based specification, we develop an objective profile considered alongside the board’s culture/approach to ensure identification of the best possible fit.

We get to know your company ethos, aims and personality, and define the combination of skills, experience and leadership style you’re looking for. You can then leave it to us to seek out non-executive directors with just the right skills to match your specification. We will find those individuals with the correct configuration of experience, proven strengths and skills that go beyond the facts on their CVs.

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Clients Around the Globe.

Our Experience.

If you’d like to know more, get in touch for a formal case study.

  • UK Domestic Practice – New Office Launch

  • Brussels Antitrust – Due Diligence

  • Southeast Asia Capital Markets – Market Analysis

  • UK Public M&A – Market Analysis (Amlaw top 10 Practice)

  • US Tech – Client listening exercise and Global Co-Head hiring programme (Top 10 Global Practice)

  • UK Public Law & Regulatory – Feasibility Study (UK Domestic Practice)

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Testimonial Quote Mark

We set out to recruit one additional NED but such was the calibre of the candidates brought forward we ended up recruiting three.

Testimonial Quote Mark

After 4 years, we thought the person we were looking for simply didn’t exist. It took only two months for Edward Drummond to prove us wrong.

Testimonial Quote Mark

We thought this was an impossible task. In fact we have found someone who is totally on our side and who we really respect. It’s working well for our business.

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