Feasibility Studies & Business Development Insight.

Assessing Your Future Development.

Making the right business development decisions can be challenging, especially when operating on the frontiers of experience, such as developing a new product or service line, entering a new jurisdiction or targeting a new type of client.

At Edward Drummond, our intelligence led approach is ideally suited to providing ‘real time’ insight into almost any market or relationship focussed question. We will investigate specific areas of uncertainty and provide the information you need to make informed decisions on unfamiliar territory, with confidence.

How Can We Help You?

Feasibility Studies and Business Development Insight.

Inevitably, a large business will be presented with a range of growth opportunities at any given time. The challenge rests in deciding which opportunities to pursue which relies on understanding the chosen market in enough detail to be confident of making a real impact.
At Edward Drummond, we will work closely with you to understand the rationale behind a proposed development in order to provide you with the most relevant information regarding:

  • Competitor strengths and weaknesses
  • Potential clients and their views on existing providers and market opportunities
  • The market view on growth opportunities
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Find New Ways to Sell.

Your business may find that existing client/provider relationships within your area of specialism have become so deeply entrenched that it is difficult to gain any fresh insight into your target clients and the challenges or frustrations they face.

This is where we can help you gain advantage by finding new ways to sell. Our third party, source-based approach allows us to open up discussions with existing and potential clients and identify opportunities for you to sell against, disrupting the status quo.

To discuss how our feasibility studies will help you make better informed business development decisions, please contact us for a no obligation consultation.