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We set our sights on finding the best candidates, talented individuals who tick all the boxes.

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Some people will make all the difference. We’ll help you find them.

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Expert research services tailored to the needs of the legal profession and high-profile blue chip companies. Including Due Diligence and Expert Witness.

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Market Mapping in Executive Search Recruitment

Market Mapping - Step by Step Guide to Getting It Right What is Recruitment Market Mapping? Market Mapping is a vital process for business growth businesses seek to understand and interpret the spread of talent [...]

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What is Executive Search & Why is it Important for your Business?

What is Executive Search? Executive search is a specialised type of recruitment, aimed at attracting leading executive and senior management talent to an organisation. It also includes the recruitment of highly skilled and in-demand candidates [...]

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What is the C Suite and Why Does It Make or Break your Business?

What is the C Suite and Why Does It Make or Break your Business? What is the C Suite? The “C Suite” is an unofficial collective term that refers to the top executives in [...]

“We gave Edward Drummond a difficult cross border opportunity in a new market sector and they produced a really strong shortlist. Very impressed.”

Multinational Technology Company, Chief Executive Officer