Hiring a non-executive director is one of the most important processes a business can go through. The right candidate can help a business grow effectively and develop the organisation. The wrong hire can result in internal conflict and inefficiencies. As a result, finding a way to hire the perfect non-executive director for your organisation should be high on your agenda.

What is a Non-Executive Director?

A Non-Executive Director (also known as an “NED”) is a part of the board of directors, without being an executive. They tend to stay away from the daily tasks and management and focus on strategy, processes and planning. They often also best represent the stakeholders of a company and ensure the executives are performing well. As a result, non-executive directors help maximise efficiencies and drive growth and performance.

Where to Start when Hiring a Non-Exec Director?

Identifying the Needs of the Organisation

Non-Executive Director Search

Implementing a New Non-Executive Director

Tips for Hiring an Non-Executive Director

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