Providing ‘real time’ insight into almost any market.

Feasibility Studies & Business Development Insight

Where clients are considering entering a new market, be that geographical, technical or sector based, Edward Drummond & Co can help by providing information regarding:
  • Competitors, strengths and weaknesses.
  • Potential Clients and their views on existing providers and market opportunities
  • Where well placed commentators see opportunities for growth

Leading with intelligence

Our intelligence lead approach is ideally suited to providing ‘real time’ insight into almost any market or relationship focussed questions our clients face. Often, the main areas of uncertainty for businesses occur when they are operating on the frontiers of their experience; developing a new product/service line, opening an office in a new jurisdiction, targeting a new type of client. Inevitably, large businesses will be presented with a range of growth opportunities like this at any given time – the first challenge sits in deciding which opportunities to pursue and the second rests in then understanding the chosen market in sufficient detail to make a real impact (often the two go hand in hand).

Internal market insight

At Edward Drummond Consulting we focus on providing clients with an internal market insight into the area in question. We first seek to understand the rationale behind the proposed development and then target sources already operating in, or close to, that market with a view to providing our client with the most relevant insight. Our experience includes working with a global legal practice considering the development of a new line of technical provision into the banking sector in APAC, where our remit involved identifying existing translatable provision from other firms in the market, clarifying the gaps in that provision, establishing the projected workflow from the Banks and generating an overview as to the potential hiring prospects. A project which demonstrated that the market was in fact smaller and less influential than our client anticipated, and that the handful of hires who might carry the relevant relationships would be prohibitively expensive given the workflow.

Opening discussions

Alternatively, clients often find that market relationships in their areas of specialism become so deeply entrenched that it is difficult to gain genuine insight into existing/target clients and the challenges/frustrations they face. Our source lead, project based approach allows us to open up these discussions. Indicatively, completing wide ranging projects focused on (separately) the role out of Solvency II and the UPC, focussing on understanding the provision (if any) which target clients already had in place for those areas along with their key concerns and views on how it might affect the structure of their business. Armed with this specific insight our clients were then able to most effectively target these markets.

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