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The truly international nature of the energy market demands a truly global approach to recruitment. At Edward Drummond & Co, our environment and energy executive search expertise, combined with our market-leading insight will give you access to the highest quality talent wherever in the world you need them.

Common to many of our clients is the need to innovate, either to meet the requirements of new technologies and markets, such as renewable energy, or in response to market forces within established sectors like oil, gas and water. However, a larger industrial organisation’s methods can become entrenched with time. Equally, a recognised market leader may be prone to over confidence or inertia.

The reality is all manufacturing and technical process environments must evolve and change to stay ahead of legislation, technology and market shifts. Added to this, are the highly specialised demands of safety critical environments and operations, including COMAH, nuclear, offshore, petrochemical and the provision of ultra-pure water to help secure safe nuclear power generation. We recognise these complex issues and seek out the candidates with the skills and character to navigate these unique challenges.

International integrated search solutions.

Our energy and environment experience.

Leadership through change and/or improvement is the single biggest discussion with our clients and a real challenge, with only a finite number of high calibre candidates who will succeed.

Edward Drummond & Co can find and hire these individuals by firstly knowing where to look and then having the skills and judgement to secure the right leader. We also know when to be creative and look to other industries or practices.

We hire across all board-level roles, including chairmen, non-executive directors, CEOs, business leaders, CFOs, senior managers and specialists critical to your organisation.

Our energy and environment executive search clients tend to be international, critical in nature and often operationally or environmentally different from the norm. For example:

  • Wind – wind farms and turbine design, build and operations
  • Solar – photovoltaic cell manufacture
  • LNG infrastructure
  • Offshore oil and gas infrastructure decommissioning
  • Upstream oil and gas operations
  • Nuclear e.g. uranium enrichment, fuel transportation and safety
  • Specialist engineering and materials
  • Water g. infrastructure programmes, clean water technologies, industrial water treatment
  • Ammonia Sulphate manufacture
  • COMAH – specialist knowledge of high hazard manufacture, Tier 1 and nuclear
  • Veolia Water Technologies
  • TT Electronics
  • Advanced Energy
  • Safran, Edwards
  • Gooch & Housego
  • Andor Technology
  • Atlas Copco
  • Rockwell Collins

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