Our research projects within the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region throughout 2016 generated a wealth of interesting data from across the team here at Edward Drummond. This has prompted many thought-provoking insights that we would like to share as part of our roundup of the APAC legal landscape in 2016, helping us to thinking about what may affect international law firms and their operations throughout 2017.

In what was a particularly busy year where our Consulting team continued to grow, we worked across the globe on interesting and intricate pieces of research for some of the world’s top law firms, as well as leading corporates.

My aim through these articles is to distil a number of prominent themes arising from our research, presenting the variance in views, and highlighting a handful of interesting areas which may affect international law firms operating in the APAC region in 2017 and longer-term.

To start, here are two areas that I would like to focus on (I will follow up with further areas as the year progresses):

  1. The increasing level of competition that International law firms are facing from ‘Domestic’/’Local’ firms
  2. The rising need for fluent Mandarin speakers or PRC natives in the Greater China Capital Markets space

APAC remains a dynamic and ever-changing market where ‘live’ information on market trends can provide law firms with a significant advantage over competitors. If you are looking at developing or strengthening your APAC offering over the next 12 months, or it is a market that you are considering entering, we would be delighted to talk to you. Please contact Gavin Penn or Gareth Ward on 020 3206 1199.