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Market mapping & benchmarking.

Do you know who your competitors’ key players and rising stars are? How do your own team members measure up from a technical and market perspective? One of the main challenges your business may face is knowing the spread of talent across the market and where and how your own talent pool may need to improve for you to compete more effectively.

At Edward Drummond our extensive, insight-driven market mapping will help you understand the structure of competitor organisations and the human capital within them; in terms of the senior talent pool and how specific individuals measure up to their competitors and peers.

How do we help?

The term market mapping has become synonymous with straightforward desktop research – simply generating a list of individuals operating at an agreed level within a particular set of businesses or market. However, at Edward Drummond this is merely the starting point of our market mapping process.

For us, market mapping is also about understanding the relationships that you can leverage. That’s why we use insight from source discussions, alongside web-based tools, to help you understand:

  • The position of key individuals.
  • Their attributes and reputation within their organisation and with external clients and influencers.
  • The structure and internal dynamics of their team.
  • The strengths and weaknesses within competitor organisations.
  • Identifying the ‘next wave’ of senior management across a range of disciplines in a highly technical and competitive industry, ensuring our client was well positioned to quickly headhunt the best senior talent when needed.
  • Analysing the market profile of a group of partners within a law firm to identify key competitors as well as strengths to leverage and weaknesses to improve.
  • Undertaking ‘retrospective’ due diligence on a senior hire who had not delivered the hoped-for figures in order to understand the issue from an external perspective and establish whether it could be repositioned or turned around.
  • Undertaking market soundings for a global legal practice to understand which senior associates were already developing traction beyond the firm.
  • To discuss how our benchmarking and market mapping services will help you better understand the senior talent in your market, please contact us for a no obligation consultation.
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