Legal service provider analysis.

Choosing the right lawyer or firm.

Having the right lawyer in your corner, with the right support and expertise behind them, can give your business a clear commercial edge. However, choosing which law firm or individual to work with can be challenging.

This has led to a tendency, particularly among larger businesses, to go for bigger and more expensive firms as a ‘fail safe’ solution, rather than the lawyer or firm with the right bench, expertise, experience and service delivery to meet your strategic goals.

Many organisations have implemented panel assessment systems as a more effective solution to the problem. However, these have limits, especially when businesses are outside their comfort zone; post-acquisition in a new sector; opening in a new jurisdiction; a joint venture in a new market; seeking funding through a new route.

How can we help you?

The right lawyers at the right time.

Edward Drummond can help you assess potential legal service providers without relying solely on recommendations, or the presentations of the lawyers themselves.

We will provide you with objective insights into the track record, technical competencies and working style of the legal service providers you wish to consider. We do this by taking blind market samples regarding the range of firms and individuals and then comparing these to provide an extra assessment tool in your selection process.

To discuss how our service provider analysis services will help you choose the right lawyer for your business goals, please contact us for a no obligation consultation.

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