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March 22, 2016

Getting the most from your expert witness in the post-Jackson climate.

Assessing the Reforms and Informing the Future

We have recently undertaken research in order to better inform the Civil Litigation community as to how best to work together in this more challenging climate. Five years on from the Jackson reforms, we were keen to assess the successes and potential pitfalls of the reforms as they relate to the involvement of Expert Witnesses in Personal Injury, Clinical Negligence and Employment disputes.

View the standout results in the infographic below or download the full infographic PDF here.


How Frequently do Companies Require the Following Types of Expert Witness?


How difficult is it to obtain permission from a judge?
Question: Do you have difficulty obtaining permission from the judge to rely on experts?

It is interesting to see that many experience considerably more difficulty in obtaining permission to rely upon an employment/career/earnings expert than they do for a medical/psychological and care/rehab expert. Loss of earnings frequently constitutes a sizeable proportion of the claim and yet it would seem that many judges do not see as much of a need for expertise in this field.


How lawyers are looking for experts?
 – From most popular to least.


Reasons for selecting an expert
Question: What is the main reason for selecting who you will work with?


Which fee structure is preferred?

Information about this survey: This survey included responses from Claimant and Defendant Personal Injury, Clinical/Medical Negligence and Employment lawyers at Solicitor, Associate, Senior Associate, Partner and Senior Partner level. The respondents were from Silver Circle, Top 20, Other City, Niche City, National, Regional and Local firms.


Expert evidence from Edward Drummond

As expert witnesses, we support Personal Injury, Clinical Negligence and Employment solicitors along with Insurers, Claimants and Defendants to resolve high-value loss of earnings cases, using specialist research methods to produce insightful, current and accurate evidence and data, specific to each individual claim.

Download the full infographic here


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