The difference between a good hire and a great one.

Lateral Hire and ‘Early Stage’ Due Diligence

A failed hire can be a costly mistake, damaging to profitability and reputation. Equally, taking the time to investigate opportunities for integration, and working with the candidate to ensure a smooth and successful transition, can make the difference between a good hire and a great one.

Alongside our Search practice we work with firms on high value recruitment projects purely on a Due Diligence basis where our remit is to investigate potential hires to help inform a hiring decision.

We offer greater surety in regards to key areas of interest, including:

  • Client Following and Business Development
  • Personal and Professional Characteristics
  • Technical Ability
  • Management Ability
  • Position in the Market

We seek to provide information to help our clients understand the opportunity holistically; generating insight into not only a potential candidate but also the overarching opportunity, encompassing our clients position, the position of competitors and the dynamics of the market in question.  In this way we often provide a breadth of background information about competitors and opportunities which clients find helpful in business planning.

We work with a range of leading Transatlantic Elite, Magic/Silver Circle and other leading practices on business critical research assignments across the US, UK, Mainland and Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia.


Why Edward Drummond for Lateral Hire Due Diligence?

  • We employ bespoke ‘First Principle’ research, not just relying on our existing network.
  • We pioneered this work and, as a result, have a well refined methodology, along with a deep seated understanding of the sensitivities and commercial imperatives at play.
  • We can work on a fixed fee or time basis (depending on the nature of the client relationship).
  • We are responsive, thorough and always aim to add value.

Better information for better decision making. Minimise Risk. Maximise Rewards.

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Early Stage Due Diligence

If you are operating in a particularly fast paced or competitive recruitment market applying a DD process to a candidate/opportunity already at an advanced stage can be too time consuming. Alternatively, you may have several candidates in your sights and want to understand them all in more detail before deciding how to progress and committing extensive internal resource to that process. We therefore offer an early stage DD process which generates a ‘top line’ view on each prospective opportunity, helping to speed up and streamline your process whilst still offering helpful insight.

“The market insight is excellent and offers more intelligence than anything else we have received externally”


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