What Qualifications & Skills Should You Look For When Hiring A Non-Exec Director?

Making a hire of any kind is important for a business, but bringing in new leaders, executives and NEDs, who will influence the direction of the business, is as big as it gets in recruitment. So what kind of skills and qualifications should you be looking for when appointing positions such as non-executive directors? NED Skills, Qualifications and Requirements There isn’t a specific qualification or certification a candidate must have for a non-exec role. To be a successful NED, it's less about theory and educational background, and more about experience and personal qualities. There needs to be evidence that they [...]

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Benefits and Advantages of Hiring a Non-Executive Director

Hiring a non-executive director for your business brings many benefits. It can be a crucial process that helps develop and launch the business into new opportunities and growth. We’ve broken the benefits of hiring a non-exec director into 3 main areas. 1 - Fresh Perspective Many of us working in the trenches develop a warped view on the business and how it functions. Bringing in an external candidate can provide a fresh outlook on opportunities and inefficiencies in the business. This helps ensure the business operates more successfully going forward. Non-Execs are thinking about the benefits to the company/organisation rather [...]

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Empty Vessels Make The Most Noise

Listening recently to a recorded debate between Roy Jenkins and Tony Benn – which dated from the 1970s – I was immediately struck by the articulate nature of these exchanges. The parries and ripostes of debate were eloquent, informed and above all, respectful. Never did the exchanges descend into aggression or insults. Each side took the time to listen to the other, and then to respond intelligently and in an informed and respectful way. Compare this with the verbal volleys of the recent US elections. In a ‘twitterised’ era of sound bites and primetime TV debates the ‘Trumpian’ political language [...]

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Brexit unWound: Gorillas in the Mist

A little over four months ago, on the day that the vote for Brexit was announced, I wrote a blog post as much to put my own thoughts in order as to try to contribute to the wider discourse. In brief my sentiment was, ‘oh crumbs! This could be a disaster… but allowing ourselves to focus unduly on the negatives will ensure that it is’ (not ground breaking commentary, I grant you, but if you are interested you can read more here). Today, perhaps unsurprisingly, the full extent and nature of the fallout from Brexit remains unclear but increasingly we [...]

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Mid Tier Law firms in an Hourglass Economy

Post LSA, post Jackson, post Recession. What does the legal landscape look like? There continue to be forces at play, which are shaping the UK legal landscape further delineating the distinctions between small, medium and large firms. Deregulation, globalisation and technology (Wilkinson) continue to lend greater power to the Silver Circle, Magic Circle and Transatlantic Elite. These large firms are becoming larger and continue to encroach upon the ‘traditional’ mid-tier territory. Greater resources allow for a greater breath of offering, reduced costs and the ability to offer global ’lite’ services, not previously identifiable with the top tier of international firms. [...]

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Brexit Wounds

June 24th, 2016 4.30am - 7.30am: Wide awake. Mind racing with the various possible permutations of Brexit; Business, Social and Personal. How will brexit affect business? 7.31 am: ‘Gareth, amongst the chaos of today’s other news, do you have time to speak today regarding some follow up work for X (an ongoing market research project)’ . The one line email above, from a valued ED client, came through on my device at exactly the right time. It reminded me that, regardless of the maelstrom of uncertainty which awaited me at my desk this morning, the first thing to concentrate on is [...]

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Overcoming the challenge of legal services selection/panel review alongside strategic change

The Edward Drummond & Co senior team have experience of working across a range of sectors, alongside our core Legal offering. Consequently, Corporate clients have, over the years, come to us seeking an ‘inside track’ on the law firms they should consider working with, particularly in ‘new’ areas.  This need has led to the development of a research tool to assist organisations seeking to ‘see through the sales pitch’ to the true technical range, track record and, often more importantly, the real reputation and personality of the lawyers they might be working with. ‘Law is not merely complex… it is also highly ambiguous [...]

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Getting the most from your expert witness in the post-Jackson climate

Assessing the reforms and informing the future We have recently undertaken research in order to better inform the Civil Litigation community as to how best to work together in this more challenging climate. Five years on from the Jackson reforms, we were keen to assess the successes and potential pitfalls of the reforms as they relate to the involvement of Expert Witnesses in Personal Injury, Clinical Negligence and Employment disputes. View the standout results in the infographic below or download the full infographic PDF here. How frequently do companies require the following types of expert witness? How difficult is it [...]

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Due Diligence and Market Research post-recession and the threat of missed opportunity.

The Moving Finger writes; and, having writ, Moves on. Due Diligence and Market Research post-recession and the threat of missed opportunity. The New Year is firmly upon us and, with it, the symbiotic conveyor belts of risk and opportunity again whirr into life and move, ever relentlessly, forward. To paraphrase/butcher the words of Omar Khayyám (see top and foot of document), there are no second chances at a first attempt… so the pressure is on! Back in 2010 the moments of real ‘buzz’ in the Due Diligence research team at Edward Drummond often came about through establishing that a particular [...]

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Benefit from flexible working

As many families return from their annual holiday to prepare for the start of a new school year, international executive search firm Edward Drummond & Co is encouraging employers to offer flexible working options to recruit and retain female employees with the right attitude and aptitude to undertake key roles within their businesses. With competition to recruit good people more fierce than ever, companies willing to adopt a fresh approach are going to gain the most; with many ‘best in class’ companies already using flexible working patterns as a marketing tool to boost their reputation as a good employer, to [...]

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