Market Mapping in Executive Search Recruitment

Market Mapping - Step by Step Guide to Getting It Right What is Recruitment Market Mapping? Market Mapping is a vital process for business growth businesses seek to understand and interpret the spread of talent across their markets. This makes it one of the most fundamental processes we carry out here at Edward Drummond, as a key part of the Executive Search process and also a standalone service in its own right. Market Mapping is the analysis of a market, especially competitors, and the employment status of key people who work in it. This helps create an idea of the [...]

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What is Executive Search & Why is it Important for your Business?

What is Executive Search? Executive search is a specialised type of recruitment, aimed at attracting leading executive and senior management talent to an organisation. It also includes the recruitment of highly skilled and in-demand candidates for specific technical roles. Executive search forms a vital process in the growth and development of a business. People are the lifeblood of any business and losing out on senior talent, or experienced industry specialists, especially to key competitors, can create significant disadvantage. Finding and securing talented candidates in a competitive market can be a difficult task, which is why businesses often bring in executive [...]

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What is the C Suite and Why Does It Make or Break your Business?

What is the C Suite and Why Does It Make or Break your Business? What is the C Suite? The “C Suite” is an unofficial collective term that refers to the top executives in an organisation, also sometimes referred to as “C-Level Executives.” The name stems from the fact that these executives often have titles that start with the letter C, representing the word, chief. For example, CEO (chief executive officer), COO (chief operating officer), CMO (chief marketing officer), CFO (chief financial officer), and so on. The terms ‘C Suite’ or ‘C Level Executives’ are also used by some [...]

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How to Hire Technical Talent – The Key Factors for Success

How to Hire Technical Talent – The Key Factors for Success Importance of Technical Talent In any business, there are the people who help turn the cogs day in, day out. These employees are the technical experts who use their knowledge and skills to perform specific tasks. From IT to law to engineering, these technicians and operators are vital for businesses to run smoothly. The most important resource or asset of any business is its people. Losing key talent to competitors, or failing to hire for the right kind of skills can mean your business loses a competitive advantage [...]

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Gender Imbalance – What Happens When Top Law Firms Fail to Promote Women to Partnerships?

Gender Imbalance in Large Law Firms Our latest research shows that the largest global law firms are failing to promote women to their partnerships in the same numbers as their smaller counterparts. More broadly, we see a general correlation between the size, complexity and key work types of law firms and the levels of gender imbalance at Partner level within them. Over the past year, the number of females in partnership, at the largest commercial law firms, has remained largely flat. This demonstrates a lack of progression in ensuring gender equality in the more senior roles at these firms, despite [...]

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Trends in the Legal Sector that Could Impact your Law Firm

What Can Your Law Firm Learn From Google Trends? The demand of specific legal areas always changes over time. As new technologies arise and as new challenges face businesses and governments, the areas of law which become more in demand change. Keeping up with these changes is vital as this will help your law firm know which areas to invest in and ensure you can best serve your clients. Here at Edward Drummond, we are passionate about helping our clients in the legal sector overcome any challenges that face them or their customers. Understanding what the public is searching for [...]

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Chemical Industry Recruitment & Executive Search Hire

Spending time with inspiring leaders is one of the best perks of my job. Being analytical and having had an early career as an Engineer, it’s even more exciting for me when those leaders happen to work in a manufacturing/engineering environment with large technical equipment, like for example the assets found on chemical manufacturing sites – the bigger and nastier (COMAH) the better – then things get more interesting still. We have specialised in this field for over 10 years, discovering and refining our approach to finding exceptional leaders; individuals with deep professional knowledge and understanding, the highest standards, extensive appreciation of Chemical manufacturing, with an obsession for [...]

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Being Human

Visions of a dystopian society are nothing new – in novels (from renaissance times through to modern) and films over the last 60 years we have enjoyed succumbing to the temptation of imagining our world where societal rules as we understand them are upended or menacingly transformed; from Swift’s Gullivers Travels, HG Wells’ The Time Machine, Orwell’s 1984 to a whole raft of modern takes on dystopia (The Hunger Games, Divergent, Planet of the Apes, Mad Max, A Clockwork Orange, Brave New World, Blade Runner and so on)  - all take pot shots at human frailties, and importantly human strengths, [...]

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Collecting and interpreting ‘soft’ data: A perspective on how to approach the generation and analysis of opinion based information, designed to support the answering of ‘market’ questions across professional services.

“Nature” is what we see— The Hill—the Afternoon— Squirrel—Eclipse—the Bumble bee— Nay—Nature is Heaven— Nature is what we hear— The Bobolink—the Sea— Thunder—the Cricket— Nay—Nature is Harmony— Nature is what we know— Yet have no art to say— So impotent Our Wisdom is To her Simplicity.                                               - Emily Dickinson One of my favourite memories of 2016 was witnessing a bee swarm for the first time. I was digging my allotment* when I heard what sounded like the distant rumble of a jet engine behind me. Thousands of bees were hovering in the sky just meters away. Sedately, the swarm [...]

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Roundup of the APAC Legal Landscape in 2016

Our research projects within the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region throughout 2016 generated a wealth of interesting data from across the team here at Edward Drummond. This has prompted many thought-provoking insights that we would like to share as part of our roundup of the APAC legal landscape in 2016, helping us to thinking about what may affect international law firms and their operations throughout 2017. In what was a particularly busy year where our Consulting team continued to grow, we worked across the globe on interesting and intricate pieces of research for some of the world’s top law firms, as well [...]

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