Diversity at Board Level

Diversity at Board Level Equality, diversity and inclusion at Board level is a key focus for many businesses at both executive and non-executive level. Since the Davies report in 2011 PLCs across industries have been building EDI initiatives into their Board appointment strategies.  With FTSE 100 Boards achieving 27.7% female representation in 2017, the recent government backed Hampton Alexander Review acknowledges that progress is being made,  however there are still a number of challenges facing businesses who are looking to increase their Board diversity. The business case for diversity at Board level is strong; diverse leadership teams increase the agility of [...]

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What The Changes to AIM Rules Really Mean for NEDs

What The Changes to AIM Rules Really Mean for NEDs The new corporate governance disclosure requirements for the AIM market came into force in March, and all AIM companies have until September to comply with the new rules. For Chairman and Non-Executive Directors, these changes bring with them increased corporate governance responsibilities. The entrepreneurial, higher risk element of AIM means that a strong board of Non-Executives can have a big impact on a business’s potential for success. The value that a NED can add on an AIM board is substantial, and it goes far beyond simply fulfilling the corporate [...]

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Edward Drummond partner with Gooch & Housego to appoint Non-Executive Chairman, Gary Bullard

Edward Drummond partner with Gooch & Housego to appoint Non-Executive Chairman, Gary Bullard Edward Drummond are delighted to have assisted photonic technology specialists, Gooch & Housego, on their journey towards finding their next Non-Executive Chairman, Gary Bullard, who will be appointed on 21 February 2018. Gary currently holds non-executive positions at companies such as Rotork plc and Spirent Communications plc, and has previously held senior executive positions at Logica plc, BT Group plc and IBM Corporation. He has extensive experience of strategic leadership roles in a range of sectors, including information technology, telecommunications, support services and industrial. Gooch & Housego is [...]

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Feasibility Studies – Are you Paying It Enough Attention?

Feasibility Studies – Are you Paying It Enough Attention? The term “feasibility study” refers to an assessment of the practicality and suitability of a proposed course of action. These projects are designed to offer unbiased insight, helping businesses to make better decisions. By taking the time to more fully understand the potential points of weakness and opportunity within a particular development plan, business leaders can gain competitive advantage when making big decisions. The structure and output of such studies can vary significantly depending on the type of business requiring the research and the nature of the question at hand. [...]

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Commercial Directors – Finding and Hiring a Commercial Director

How to Find and Hire a Commercial Director As organisations develop and grow, they often need senior talent and executives who are commercially savvy and able to steer the ship through the market landscape. As well as those who are able to improve and increase operational and production output and efficiencies, those who can help develop business opportunities are vital for organisations to see sustainable growth. Bad hires in any part of a business are costly, but bad hires at the senior and managerial level can define the future growth and development of an organisation. One such role that [...]

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GDPR and the C-Suite – What Do Executives Need to Know About GDPR

GDPR and the C-Suite – What Do Executives Need to Know About GDPR GDPR is likely to provide real growth opportunities for some businesses, and real challenges and problems for others. As the deadline to become GDPR compliant approaches, businesses haven’t got long to ensure all their business operations and processes comply with this new data regulation. GDPR promises to make vast changes in the way businesses capture, manage, process and distribute personal data and will impact all organisations operating within the EU or doing business with EU citizens. Here at Edward Drummond, we work closely with top-level executives [...]

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Follow our Step by Step Guide to Hiring a Non-Executive Director

Hiring a non-executive director is one of the most important processes a business can go through. The right candidate can help a business grow effectively and develop the organisation. The wrong hire can result in internal conflict and inefficiencies. As a result, finding a way to hire the perfect non-executive director for your organisation should be high on your agenda. What is a Non-Executive Director? A Non-Executive Director (also known as an “NED”) is a part of the board of directors, without being an executive. They tend to stay away from the daily tasks and management and focus on strategy, [...]

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Employment and Workplace Trends 2018 – How is Employment and Work Changing?

Employment and Workplace Trends 2018 Employment and workplace trends help showcase how businesses and organisations change over time. The trends and predictions around the way people are working help define the recruitment strategy for a business. Businesses that understand and value such insights can ensure they align any hiring approach with these trends. This helps businesses recruit and retain the very best candidates. Although every business is different, and every market is likely to see its own unique trends and patterns, there are a few overwhelming workplace trends that are starting to shape boardrooms and offices all around the [...]

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Executive Onboarding – How to Help New Executives Hit the Ground Running

Executive Onboarding – How to Help New Executives Hit the Ground Running The business world can often be filled with clichés and buzzwords, but there are certain phrases that are not to be under-estimated or dismissed. Executive onboarding is one such example and describes the process of welcoming and integrating a new executive into their position. This is most likely associated with an external candidate, entering the organisation for the first time. For a new executive, the first few weeks and months are vital for their long-term success. Hiccups or obstacles in this early stage can create a snowball [...]

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CEO & Executive Succession Plan – Tips for Succeeding during Succession

CEO & Executive Succession Plan – Tips for Succeeding during Succession The changing of a CEO or other top-level executives is a daunting process for any organisation. These members of the organisation are paramount for implementing strategy and leading the rest of the workforce. Regardless of whether they choose to leave or are pushed, an organisation is left vulnerable if there is no process or person to provide a seamless transition in leadership and strategy. Great CEOs can define an organisation. So, when they leave, it’s no surprise the boardroom and investors are somewhat concerned. However, CEO and executive [...]

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