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We work to a tried and trusted search strategy, founded on decades of experience, that delivers great results in a variety of sectors. And if the parameters of an assignment change, we’re agile and experienced enough to adapt and excel. Take a look at some of our recent case studies.

Consulting case study

Insight: Top candidate + top clients = no guarantee of success


To corroborate the potential enabled by the recruitment of a respected and influential Real Estate/Finance specialist, drawn from a Magic Circle firm, with a considerable Financial Services client base.


  • Tier 2 Legal Practice
  • Global operations
  • Aspiration to build significant new revenue stream from the banking sector


To gather the insights to enable effective use of an important hire and to inform a strategy for market differentiation.


To see beyond the acknowledged technical and business development expertise of the candidate, and uncover potential challenges to a successful integration.

Project plan:

  • Careful validation of candidate’s relationship capital with existing client base
  • In-depth analysis of market, barriers to entry and potential


  • Despite the candidate’s strong and valued client relationships, the investigation demonstrated that the requirement of ‘Panel only’ appointment would rule out any opportunity to transfer existing banking clients to the recruiting firm.
  • Meanwhile a significant business opportunity was identified within a sector previously out-priced by the fee rates at the candidate’s existing firm.
  • Successful hire enabled, but with an alternative business strategy, delivering differentiation in a buoyant new sector, and avoiding costly and futile efforts to overcome significant market barriers.

“The team at Edward Drummond & Co delivered a report which highlights some unjustified assumptions in the business case… but points us in a different direction, towards an attractive alternative segment of the market.”


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