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Consulting case study

Insight: The right approach to avoiding the wrong decision. Keeping a key business development opportunity on track.


To provide information to assist in decision-making around the potential recruitment of a senior level partner, based in mainland Europe. Partner considered with the remit of developing a key aspect of the firm’s Corporate Finance Practice globally, whilst taking a lead role in respect of ‘in-country’ growth.


  • Leading international legal firm
  • Over 30 offices
  • Turnover: Over £1 billion


An objective analysis of the candidate’s market profile, business development potential and team building abilities to validate both a £2.5 million (minimum) recruitment investment and inform the successful delivery of key business strategy.


To gather an in-depth and corroborated understanding of the candidate’s soft skills, including relationship-building and leadership potential, without alerting the market as to the potential move.

Project plan:

In-depth discussions with broad range of contributors, including clients, colleagues, and associated professionals on subjects that would discreetly elicit genuine commentary regarding the candidate’s personal characteristics.


  • Objective commentary consistently reflected the challenges and difficulties which colleagues found in working alongside the candidate. Uncovering a clear weakness in relationship building and management, where a number of potential future recruitment targets would be actively opposed to joining the firm if this individual were on board.
  • International legal firm avoided a significant investment in a candidate without team-building potential.
  • The opportunity for investment in Corporate Finance expansion remained viable and on-track with the firm focusing on other targets.

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