Technology sector case study:

Strategic Product Manager.


The Semiconductor industry has undergone significant structural changes, resulting in just a few major players. Today, a strong product offering is key to maintaining a leading position and to stand out amongst the competition in the Technology sector.

Our client, a market leader in the Manufacturing and supply of semiconductor fabrications across the world, is committed to delivering market leading products to ensure their place at the forefront of the market.

Client’s journey:

The client had the desire to invest in leading talent but the challenge they faced was that many of their competitors now base their operations in Asia, so the UK talent pool is increasingly limited.

Therefore, finding the highest calibre strategic product management leaders with semiconductor industry experience together with the desire for the same long-term approach to product management, has often proved difficult for them.

That’s why they appointed Edward Drummond & Co to lead a rigorous executive search assignment to engage with the calibre of candidate required for this business-critical appointment.


We formulated a targeted search plan across all key semiconductor equipment businesses in the UK & Europe to ensure the best outcome, with the focus on both of these objectives.

  1. Identify and get access to key product management talent in leading semiconductor equipment manufacturers across Europe.
  2. Drill down into their approach to product management and marketing.

It was an extensive project that gave our client complete access to the best market talent across the continent.


  • We successfully engaged with and hired a Senior Product Manager in the UK, who was a great fit for the business as they shared the desire for our Client’s long-term strategic approach as well as providing extensive experience within the sector.
  • This will enable our client to maintain continued momentum in their desire to retain a market leading position.


Having worked with this particular client on a number of occasions now, we are able to adapt our approach each time to the scope and geography of each specific requirement, each time leading to the appointment of impactful leaders into key senior strategic roles.

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After 4 years, we thought the person we were looking for simply didn’t exist. It took only two months for Edward Drummond to prove us wrong.

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