Senior VP HR (UK).


The leading manufacturer of first and business class seats, for the world’s commercial aviation industry. A business that had grown dramatically (3 large UK locations) in recent years. The company had historically invested most effort within engineering and operational functions; other critical areas, such as Human Resources, had historically received less attention.

Client’s Journey:

A newly appointed CEO (UK) with a very strong global track record (as highly regarded within the wider global business) joined the business with a new strategic focus, requiring exceptional leadership in both Finance and Human Resources. A new VP HR was required to lead the Human Resources function in the UK and transform HR to be a critical function, helping lead the business going forward by realising the strong growth opportunity (global market leader) and ensure this position ultimately translated to bottom line success.

Our client was already the market leader, but within a niche, aerospace segment – interiors. This was beginning to change, industry wide, but we needed to find a strong HR leader who had learnt best practice and expertise from industry leading organisations and could bring this experience and know-how to our client and the interiors segment more broadly.

Our Solution:

Edward Drummond have a reputation for innovation and looking beyond the obvious to find those stronger, better leaders. We were recommended to the Global HQ (Paris) who in terms proposed an introduction to the UK business.

Our search focused on finding exceptional HR Leaders with within aerospace, identifying current VP HRs and HRDs good enough to lead a change focused role such as this. A role not for the feint hearted but ultimately helping transform a global market leader and by inference a whole industrial segment. Critically they had to be a positive agent of change and a charismatic leader.

A meticulous search identifying stronger candidates was conducted and care was then taken to articulate the opportunity, accurately presenting both the challenges and ultimate rewards. Two standout exceptional candidates made it through to final stages with the successful candidate having exceptional references and was known to the UK Leadership team. She was recruited and joined the business 4 months into the Covid-19 crisis, working successfully with the existing HR team and the incumbent, who was retiring.

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