Head of HSSE – Safety Critical High Hazard Manufacturing (Nuclear and Top Tier COMAH).


A world leading uranium enrichment business, supplying fuel for the commercial nuclear power generation sector. A unique business with unrivalled technology and capability although with additional opportunity to enhance operations and performance.

Client’s Journey:

Further integration of 3 businesses created a requirement for a new Health, Safety, Security & Environment (HSSE) department – performing a shared strategic function. The new team was required to add-value (not save cost), insight and support, to 3 high hazard chemical technology/processing organisations.

The key objective was to find a new leader to shape and develop HSSE into something that was strategic, insightful and supportive to the business operations, thereby enhancing and improving both HSSE and business performance.

Our Solution:

A long standing client, we were able to bring our knowledge of them, having helped through some transformation and change programs over many years, with expertise in finding and hiring leaders versed in successfully negotiating strategic change, combined with rare technical expertise (high hazard, nuclear technology and a strategic HSSE track record).

Our search was meticulous, embracing both nuclear and tier 1 COMAH operations; finding and recruiting the correct leader was critical with minimal room for compromise. Having considered 78 candidates, we were delighted to present a broad shortlist (with several different options – nuclear and high hazard chemical) and secure the best candidate, with a nuclear background; thereby also allowing us to fill 2 senior critical positions within one hire.

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