Executive search case study:

Head of Markets – Renewable Energy Sector.


The client, a listed global strategic engineering and environmental consultancy specialising in the transportation, energy, and renewables markets. The client was seeking to further grow their share in the consultancy market, focusing on the creation of complex and disruptive technologies for automotive electrification, hydrogen propulsion and battery storage.

An impactful and dynamic leader was needed to drive growth targets in this transformative sector and work on securing projects that will deliver improvements in electrification technology, sustainability, and adoption globally.

The client’s journey:

The client identified the need to acquire specific and coveted skills for this role and requested Edward Drummond & Co partner with them to lead a rigorous executive search assignment to engage with the calibre of candidate required for this business-critical appointment.

We were especially well positioned to assist and able to credibly and efficiently interact with the target audience,having worked on several global projects seeking out specialist senior sales leadership in the broader electrification and energy market.


We delivered a search plan to engage candidates with transferable skills in other electrification, hydrogen technology and advanced propulsion markets, combining an innovative research methodology with extensive industry experience. Key to success was understanding what objective skills and subjective traits make a good sales leader, then recognising them and determining their fit with our client.

  • Enabled the client to access a broader range of proven sales leaders with the skills and experience to impact their growth targets.
  • Extensive face to face appraisal and assessment of candidates to ensure the right mix of skills and attitude.
  • Managing the candidate journey carefully ensuring the best candidate experience and crucially, that the preferred candidate could be secured within the client’s time and cost parameters.


A high calibre, proven global sales leader was placed with client within 3 months.

Identification and delivery of new projects are underway, as well as aiding a transition to sustainable clean energy technologies in the transportation market.

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After 4 years, we thought the person we were looking for simply didn’t exist. It took only two months for Edward Drummond to prove us wrong.

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