Interim Management – Benefits of Hiring an Interim Manager


Interim Management – Benefits of Hiring an Interim Manager

Any business that wants longevity and a sustainable presence in their market is bound to have periods of transition and change over the years and decades. Sometimes an internal shuffle can combat such challenges but often interim managers and recruiting specific candidates during these periods is often the most effective solution for an organisation.

Interim managers can play a vital role in creating stability and leadership for departments and teams within organisations. They aren’t permanent hires, rather candidates who are specifically brought in to steer the ship and provide value for a business for an agreed amount of time. This can be due to executive movement in the organisation or simply to provide expertise and knowledge to a business challenge in a short space of time.

Attracting new executives or skilled candidates can take time and often businesses can’t put things on hold until these new hires happen. This is why interim managers can be so valued in their ability to ensure a business remains on track and isn’t caught off guard during a period of change.

Benefits of Hiring an Interim Manager

Edward Drummond has helped an array of clients overcome challenges through quick interim hires. We have been able to ensure our clients continue to meet their ambitious targets through executives and senior hires that get results and make an impact.

During our time of attracting interim managers into organisations, we’ve seen some clear benefits, including:

New Skills, Insights and Ideas

Often interim managers can bring a wealth of knowledge, skills and insights to a business. They usually have very little bias towards the organisation and can help provide realistic, impartial and useful ideas. This is particularly useful for interim managers who are likely to be making key business decisions and assisting with board-level roles.

Interim managers can offer unbiassed insights and help critique areas of inefficiencies and ensure business operations are to the highest standard. They often aren’t looking for career growth within the organisation so they are perfectly positioned to put the needs of the organisation above their own.

Immediate Impact

Finding a great hire doesn’t happen over-night. It is a process that involves thorough market mapping and an extensive network of potential talent. It is a process that can’t be rushed and compromised. As a result, getting interim managers who are available right away and that can start making an impact instantly is key for business development during periods of transition.

You also don’t have to worry about notice periods or complex contracts, instead focusing on getting a talented candidate into your business as soon as possible.


Interim managers will often have experience of doing similar roles for organisations also going through spells of change. This makes them the perfect candidate to bring in as they can utilise their experience and lead other executives who may not have experienced certain challenges and issues.

Interim managers can understand the complexities of situations and apply their knowledge previously gained to implement strategies and action tasks right away. Due to their experience, they are often able to deliver unrivalled results through experience of working in similarly structured time frames and environments. They can also be highly specialised in certain industries or departments to help provide unique insights. They can also pass on this knowledge to other executives and employees and help implement processes for future periods of management transition.


Hiring an interim manager for your business creates a wealth of network opportunities and related talent. Great people often know other great people and businesses can take advantage of talented interim managers who may be able to attract other top talent.

Gaining access to one great interim manager may allow you to build out a team around them through their network and recommendations. This can help create an organisation structure that leverages top talent and experience.

Finding an Interim Manager with Edward Drummond

We look beyond the obvious and go the extra mile to find extraordinary candidates. We have a proven track record of helping empower organisations all around the world through search and executive consultancy.

From interim managers to executive search, we can help add value to your organisation through finding the very best talent out there in your industry. Get in touch with our expert team today and we’ll help you get started.

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