Due Diligence and Market Research post-recession and the threat of missed opportunity.

The Moving Finger writes; and, having writ, Moves on. Due Diligence and Market Research post-recession and the threat of missed opportunity. The New Year is firmly upon us and, with it, the symbiotic conveyor belts of risk and opportunity again whirr into life and move, ever relentlessly, forward. To paraphrase/butcher the words of Omar Khayyám (see top and foot of document), there are no second chances at a first attempt… so the pressure is on! Back in 2010 the moments of real ‘buzz’ in the Due Diligence research team at Edward Drummond often came about through establishing that a particular [...]

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Benefit from flexible working

As many families return from their annual holiday to prepare for the start of a new school year, international executive search firm Edward Drummond & Co is encouraging employers to offer flexible working options to recruit and retain female employees with the right attitude and aptitude to undertake key roles within their businesses. With competition to recruit good people more fierce than ever, companies willing to adopt a fresh approach are going to gain the most; with many ‘best in class’ companies already using flexible working patterns as a marketing tool to boost their reputation as a good employer, to [...]

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Community Apprentices

One of the leading executive and non-executive search firms in the UK has been richly rewarded for its ongoing community work; with one of the teams coached by Edward Drummond & Co – St Brendan’s Sixth Form College ‘Team Missile’ – reaching the finals of the Envision Community Apprentice 2015. The awards ceremony marked the end of a rewarding journey for the many young people who, with the support and encouragement of their team coach, helped increase the level of awareness and empathy towards mental health issues in their community. Loosely based on the popular BBC TV series, The Apprentice [...]

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Aviva Community Fund

Aviva announced on 29th June 2015 that Envision has made it to the final of the Aviva Community Fund. Commenting on the achievement, Jennie Butterworth, Chief Executive at Envision, said: “Thanks to your help we’ve done it! The Community-Apprentice has successfully reached the finals of the Aviva Community Fund. “Over 4 million votes were cast so it’s a huge boost to the team to know that so many people recognise the value of their work. “It’s a great example of what Envision stands for – through many small actions, big changes can happen!” This significant achievement will allow more [...]

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